In the spring of 1997, 2 amputee football teams were formed by 26 disabled people in the city of Tbilisi (the capital). This date is considered the founding date of amputee football in Georgia.In 1998, the Georgian national team took part in the World Cup, which was held in Manchester, England, where the World Amputee Football Federation was founded. The Georgian was a delegation among the founders.Since 1999, football amputee teams have been created in the regions.In 2007, an Amputee Football League was founded by private individuals to organize domestic championships and tournaments.In 2015, amputee football teams founded the Georgia Amputee Football Association, which is an executive body and is accountable to amputee clubs and government bodies. Decisions are made by the association in accordance with the recommendations and resolutions of the World and European amputee football federations, the Georgian Football Federation and state bodies. The association is managed and responsible for its activities by the president, who is elected by the football clubs.The Association constantly organizes the amputee football championship, Cup and Super Cup of Georgia, as well as organizes the training cycle of teams and the Georgian national team at international tournaments, trips and other issues.Currently, the Georgian Championship and the Cup of Georgia are held between 6 teams, in which people with disabilities aged 15 to 58 participate.There is also a children's football school, where children from 6 to 14 years old train twice a week.In 2019, Georgia hosted the first Champions League.The Georgian national team participated in amputee football:- World Cup draw: 1998 (England);- European Cup: 1999 (Ukraine), 2018 (Poland);- European Championship: 2017 (Turkey), 2021 (Poland);The champion teams of Georgia took part in the Champions League, which was held in 2019, 2021 and 2022.